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SKU guyatone-md3 (CV273)

Perfection in a compact digital delay.
Just what is so great about the Guyatone MD-3? Quite simply, the Micro Digital Delay Pedal offers the most authentic note reproduction of any delay device available, period. Notes come back exactly as you played them: Not rounder, harsher, warmer, colder, or altered in any manner whatsoever. If you've ever played a tape echo, you know that their tone is not dark sounding like some people claim, but actually quite bright and clear. The MD-3 gives the user the crispness and clarity of a tape echo combined with the longer delay time of a digital device, while its controls react like an analog unit. 30-2600 milliseconds of delay time are available; more than enough to create an entire range of classic delay effects from rockabilly slapback to arena-rock washes of excess and everything in between. At higher feedback setting (above 3 o'clock) the MD-3 will self-oscillate like an analog delay, creating cacophonous cascades of repeats, UFO-landings, ray guns, and other bizarre sound effects. At lower feedback settings (around 2 o'clock) the MD-3 digital effects pedal can be used for multi-layering of short parts, creating beautiful, ethereal soundscapes that slowly fade into infinity. In addition, the MD-3 Delay has a lower current draw than other digital units, which means you'll spend less time changing batteries and more time playing!
Notes come back exactly as you played them
Gives the crispness and clarity of a tape echo
The longer delay time of a digital
Controls react like an analog unit
30-2600 milliseconds of delay time