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One of the earliest guitar manufacturers in Japan, Guyatone began production in 1933.[2] According to Mr. Hiroyuki Noguchi, editor of Japan’s Guitar Magazine,[3][4] "Matsuki Seisakujo" (松木製作所) was founded by a cabinet maker’s apprentice Mr. Mitsuo Matsuki and friend Mr. Atsuo Kaneko, who later became a famous player of Hawaiian and Spanish style guitars[5] as well as help with the formation of the great Teisco in 1946.[6]

Matsuki had been enrolled in electronics classes, studying nights after his cabinetry apprentice job.[5] Hawaiian music becoming increasingly popular at the time led Mr. Kaneko to inquire to his friend Matsuki about building an electric Hawaiian guitar using his wood working and electronics skills.[5] In the late 1930s the "Matsuki Joiner" company ("Matsuki Seisakujo" in Japanese) was formed[5] producing and selling mostly American style (Rickenbacker style) guitars under the Guya name.

In 1940 Matsuki was drafted into the war between China and Japan and production halted for several years. After returning home, Matsuki formed his own company, "Matsuki Denki Onkyo Kenkyujo" (松木電気音響研究所[2]), translated means: "Matsuki Electric Sound Laboratory.

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