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Mogar Music was founded in 1987, following a strategic development plan, as a company for the distribution of musical instruments and named after Monzino &Garlandini, a historic brand name that was used by the family during the years 1920 -1940.
In keeping with the philosophy of Monzino company, from which it inherits part of the organizational structure and some of the carried brands, Mogar Music stands out as one of the most innovative and advanced distributors of the Italian scene, thanks both to its modern IT structure that supports its widespread sales network of sole agents, and to its commercial policies based on honesty, reliability, robustness and professional service offering to customers.
With suppliers and customers Mogar Music establishes a relationship of true strategic partnership rather than of simple business, developing trade policies together with the brand holders and actively contributing to the of the product development.

DaG is our entry level brand for plastic cabinets, mixers and mobile PA system. With XXL we address the market of large numbers and the brand offers more than 100 products highly competitive in price to end Users still offering something more than our Competitors. In fact, the XXL brand launched at the end of 2009 the world’s first compact mixing console with built-in lythium battery (the same kind used in mobile phones) and USB interface IN and OUT. The Retail Price is highly affordable and we are proud in saying that the unit has been developed in Europe. Moreover XXL offers other innovative solution to its Users such as the most advanced DSP controlled acoustic modeling technology powered speakers.

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