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ModTone Effects was founded with a dream to deliver high quality effects at a mass consumer price.  Throughout the years, there have been some hits, some misses and some crazy ideas but they’ve always come from players looking to give other players options for their tone.

In 2007, the founders of ModTone teamed up with a prominent manufacturer and collaborated for the initial release of the first 5 ModTone Effects pedals.  ModTone released the Speedbox, Dyno Drive, Aqua Chorus, Atomic Phaser and Analog Delay in 2008.

After adding the Chromatic Tuner in early 2009, the guys at ModTone began to realize that there were some shortcomings and alterations to the original designs that were needed to improve the sound of the effects and also the quality of the tone.

ModTone then revamped and redesigned their effects pedal line and moved manufacturing to other facilities . 

Since the switch of manufacturers, many new designs have been introduced and all pedals were all upgraded to feature True Bypass switching. Since then the line has grown in popularity with discerning players everywhere.
The Dirty Duo dual overdrive pedal released at Winter Namm  and was an overnight sensation and served to bolster consumer confidence in the company’s ability to design and innovate
Offering everything from Isolated Power Sources to Direct Boxes, ModTone Effects has become the one stop shop for every player's needs at a budget every guitar player can afford.

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