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  • The moment you are plugging your guitar or bass into a new pedal is filled with magic! It inspires you to make one step further and let the sound you had in your head for so long become true. It is our aim to fullfill that dream of every musician. 
    We combine German engineering and craftmanship with tons of love and soul, we put in every handmade pedal. Everything starts with developing the circuit. We only use premium components like Alpha-Pots, WIMA or Panasonic caps, Neutrik Jacks and indestructible Hammond die-cast enclosure. Every pedal makes its first step along the breadboard, gets refined until it tells its own story and we are absolutely satisfied. This story consists of a symbiotic relation between the sound and the graphic design to create a piece of art for you. All of our designs are handmade and silk-screened by hand in our workshop to give every pedal a unique soul.

  • As a guitar player myself I know the situation when you are looking for a unique solution for a sound you are carrying in your head and there are no recent pedals along the shops. We are experienced with a lot of custom made pedals. That is why we started KMA. We have always two ears open for your dreams and wishes. Do not hesitate to ask us for anything you need.
    We love vintage sounds and we also love modern stuff. To bring both worlds together we take classical and well-known circuits and give them a modern touch to fit the needs of modern musicians without selling their souls. In addition to it we design our own circuits, but do not try to reinvent the wheel. Also we deeply respect the work of other companies and electrical engineers for what they do and what they had done. So let's just hold up high the tradition of passionate craftmanship filled with love.

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